Eyelash Extension with Minkys

Minkys Hands-on Workshops are lead by our certified Minkys Trainers. The Basic Hands-On Workshop is a full day comprehensive and cutting edge training program.

Minkys places an emphasis on maintaining the health, safety and satisfaction of your clients. Our products are of the highest quality and give an extensionist the most eyelash options on the market.

Our goal is to prepare you to become a highly successful Eyelash Extension Professional. We will not send you out the door after the Hand-On Workshop and hope for the best. Our Minkys Trainers will assist you through the whole training process and guide you into the very profitable eyelash extension business.

VERY IMPORTANT: "Should you wish to have VTCT Qualification additional charges may apply”

Please note that the non-refundable deposit of €100 is required for all registrations. All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Minkys Training 

After completion of the Basic Hands on Workshop, students are required to complete No Less than 5 Full Sets of Practice lashes on 5 Different Models and achieve the following on ALL models:

  • At least 60 lashes per eye.
  • Eyelashes placed evenly with no large uneven spaces.
  • No clumps of adhesive in the lashes.
  • No adhesive on the client’s skin.
  • No 2 eyelashes stuck together.
  • Lashes curling in the right direction.
  • Follow the procedures and safety precautions outlined on the Minkys Student Folder.

MOST Minkys students practice on non-paying friends/models for several weeks and perhaps months before attempting to work on paying clients

Course Investment:

Avail of our early bird offer and get this fantastic training course for just €595 - normally €750.

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