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Quality, innovation, passion and experience make Ecuri Cosmetics a leader in Micropigmentation since 1984. In addition, Ecuri Cosmetics is constantly developing and patenting new treatments techniques and products. We provide the highest of quality training in methods of treatments and control devices. As a result, you are assured of working with proven quality and the optimum performances as well as satisfied customers.

With our international knowledge, techniques and skills, we ensure the best quality training with our highly professional trainers and master trainers. All trainers are kept up to date with the latest overseas techniques and attend regular updated advanced classes on a yearly basis, this keeps our college at the forefront of Semi Permanent Makeup. Our trainers have extensive knowledge and all work in their own businesses as Semi Permanent Makeup Therapists.


Ecuri Specialities

  • Eye Brow Microblading
  • Eye Brow Stem Cell Activation
  • Semi Permanent Eye Liner
  • Semi Permanent Lips
  • Hair & Scalp Pigmentation
  • Camouflage of Scars
  • Colour Corrections
  • Areola
  • Tattoo Removal  

RRP €20.00
OUR PRICE: €17.00


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