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Ecuri Smart Dark 10ml

Ecuri Smart Dark 10ml


Ecuri Smart Dark intensifies pigments and acts as a fixing agent. This is a revolutionary product designed and created by Ecuri Cosmetics. Our Smart colors lock in the pigments and stop the pigment from migrating.

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Our Eurpoean manufacturer has acquired 29 years of clinical and pharmacological experience in the production of pigments. Being committed to the management of client safety they have avoided using ingredients that are known for inducing skin intolerance, photo sensitivity, or for triggering allergies and guarantee a product that is sterile and exhibits perfect traceability.

Can be used with following pigments

xl blond  XL-Blond        16° C,   Ash blonde color for natural look.
 xl brown XL-Brown 16° C, Creates beautiful dark eyebrow hairs.

 xl mahogany


20° C, Warm brown color and it can be applied between pigmented hairs, if the eyebrows turn too gray. 
 albast brown Albast Brown 15° C, Deep dark pigment for dark hair and dark look.
 almost black Almost Black   Almost black pigment, only for dark skin

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