Ecuri XL Blonde 10ml Brow Pigment

Ecuri XL Blonde 10ml Brow Pigment


Ecuri XL Blonde pigment gives beautiful results for clients with blonde, light brown and medium brown hair and covers the spectrum of fair to olive complexions. This pigment should be used with Smart Blonde or Smart Dark if you require more intense colour

Ecuri pigments are the most concentrated pigments available. They are instantly absorbed by the skin and have a minimal discharge. Ecuri pigments have an ideal, thick consistency. They don’t splatter or spill. Ecuri pigments do not turn red or grey, but gradually fade into the skin.

Ecuri pigments have a unique cool/warm code. Each pigment is marked with a temperature for undertone, so that you can tell at a glance whether you are dealing with a warm or cool colour. Practically all pigments can be removed with the Zap-away or Q-med laser technique.


Benefits and features include:

  • Simplified colour palettes which make choosing the correct pigment trouble-free
  • Excellent durability and colour stability due to the choice of raw materials
  • Shades designed to compliment all racial skin tones
  • Results which are as subtle as desired and suitable for male enhancements
  • A high concentration of pigment which maximizes colour retention
  • Created with ingredients that comply with pharmaceutical standards
  • A precise balance of mineral and organic pigments
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation
  • Reproduction of precise colour through each batch
xl blond  XL-Blond        16° C,   Ash blonde color for natural look.



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