Minkys Lash Shampoo

Minkys Lash Shampoo


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Lash and Eyelid Shampoo, Foam Cleanser for Eyelash Extensions.

For Professional Lash Artists: 

Tired of dirty, unsightly lashes? Use Minkys Lashampoo! Recommended by Professional Lash Artists everywhere. Rinses quickly with warm water, and gets the lashes clean and ready for extensions or touch-ups. Will not damage extensions, and is a great up-sell item for your practice. Minkys recommends priming all lashes with Pre-Extend for a stronger, longer lasting bond.

For clients:

Got Lashes? Get Minkys Lashampoo to keep them squeaky clean and healthy! Easy to use, won't damage your extensions, and your Professional Lash Artist will love you. With Lashampoo, your lashes will say go ahead "wash me everyday."

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