Ecuri Para-Medical Handpiece

Ecuri Para-Medical Handpiece


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Ecuri's Paramedical Handpiece contains patented technology that makes pigmenting even easier. While the most commonly-used grip pens are equipped with a needle that maintains a constant speed, the needle on Ecuri's Paramedical Handpiece accelerates when penetrating the skin and slows down when retracting from the skin. In this way, the pigment is literally driven into the skin. You're done in just a single stroke: no need to go over the skin again like you would while using a grip pen. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to go back. 

Equipped with safety-hygiene cartridges 

Prevents loss of pigment and bodily fluids. Prevents any chance of cross-contamination.

No sterilisation necessary

The safety-hygiene cartridge makes autoclave or ultrasonic sterilisation unnecessary.

Click-on system

Needle cartridges are easily secured with just one click

Silent, no vibrations and light as a feather

Uses unique balancing zero-tolerance micro-technology. The needle enters and exits the skin at a rate of 200 times a second without causing the handpiece to vibrate.

Depth may be set with precision of up to a tenth of a millimetre

The only device on the market capable of creating up to 3.5 millimetre 
incisions specially for penetrating hard, hyper-trophic scar tissue.

Durable construction with a two year warranty:

Meets all medical requirements and is fully constructed using aluminium and stainless steel. Manufactured according to the ISO900 I standard and in accordance with European Medical Standard EN 13485.

Ergonomic design: becomes one with your hand

Better, easier and more precise than any other pen or pencil out there. Once you've tried Ecuri's Paramedical Hand-piece, you'll never want to go back.

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