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Tattoo Removal Training 

No Lasers Required 

If your clients want to alter, cover, or even completely erease their old permanet makeup , there is an alternative to laser treatments now available. 



Saline tattoo & micropigmentation removal now available.

* Suitable for all skin types
* Works naturally
* Is not colour selective / is equally effective upon all ink colours
* Suitable for old and new permanent cosmetics and tattoos
* Suitable for amateur and professional grade tattoos
* Hair growth is not affected within the treated area
* Ideal for fading of semi-permanent cosmetics for correctional / cover-up work


❗️Models required fro Training Day ❗️
If you think you may be interested in this training workshop please contact us on 001 4586603for further details.

IBHT So Studio
Beauty Board, CMG Building, Earlscourt Industrial Estate, Churchtown, Dublin 14 | (01) 4586603